“A Tribute to Freedom” Concert – May 10, 2014. Music Director Merle Danielson conducting. Special guests the 451st Army Band, CW4 Dan Eckhoff, Commander. Recorded live at North Heights Lutheran Church, Arden Hills, MN.





  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • American Visions
  • The Glory of the Yankee Navy
  • Elegy for a Young American *
  • Pallas Athena
  • Missing Man
  • Persistence
  • In Perfect Silence I Often Gaze at the New Stars
  • Glenn Miller in Concert

LTC Angela Steward-Randle, guess speaker

451st Army Band

  • Celebration Fanfare
  • Rolling Thunder
  • The Doors in Concert
  • An American Elegy
  • Free
  • Inchon
  • Freedom
  • Armed Forces Salute

Combined bands

  • Thank You, Soldiers
  • America the Beautiful
  • Stars and Stripes Forever

* Dr. Michael Scott, resident guest conductor. Approximately 72 minutes total playing time.

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